As every business owner and manager knows, having the right janitorial services for your business is essential to the well-being of the company. A fresh, inviting appearance attracts more customers, keeps staff healthy, and maintains morale.

At C4, we provide professional janitorial services to businesses and stratas throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. What makes our services exceptional? Three core principles:

1. Service. Ensuring we do everything within our abilities to exceed service expectations, taking all the everyday tasks of building management off your plate.

2. Trust. Operating with the utmost integrity in all our endeavours, with straightforward contracts, high-level training for our managers, meticulous attention-to-detail in our day-to-day tasks, and complete honesty at every step.

3. Communication. Making sure you, the building owner or operator, is fully informed on all pertinent matters related to your building as soon as possible, while ensuring you’re not bothered by everyday routine issues.

Our Services

Not all janitorial services are alike, so it’s important to make sure the one you select can check all the tasks off your list. Our janitorial service mix includes heavy duty general cleaning for commercial, office, industrial, warehouse and multi-tenant buildings, with services including restoration and preservation, carpet vacuuming and shampooing, furniture maintenance, wall-washing, trash clean-up, and parking lot maintenance.

Choose from our service options below to find the right fit for your business.