Facilities Management

Facilities management can be quite the balancing act. As no two facilities are alike, coordinating commercial spaces, infrastructure, and human resources can be a difficult process, especially when the constraints of local regulations are added in.

To accommodate the varying needs of facility operators, C4 Facilities Management offers adaptable, professional managers who understand the unique constraints of each facility, and how they relate to guidelines and bylaws.

Checking All the Boxes

To ensure we cover every aspect of your facility, our professionals keep each of the core tenets of facility management top-of-mind with every customer. These include:

  1. Health and Safety – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), cleaning requirements
  2. Fire Safety – Procedure adherence, testing, responding
  3. Security – Security team management, issue response
  4. Overall Maintenance – Interior and exterior repairs, equipment testing and upkeep
  5. Day-to-Day Operations – Construction management, tenant selection, tenant move-in/move-out
  6. Rent & Tendering – Collection, payment processing, contract tendering, lease processing

Exceeding Service Expectations

Maintaining your facility is not only important to revenue, but imperative to reduce long-term upkeep costs. Facilities must be continuously maintained to uphold asset value and revenue streams, and well as adhering to public safety requirements and regulations.

At C4, maintaining your facility with the utmost professionalism is our top priority. As a service-driven organization, we’ve developed a sound reputation for meticulous care and strong attention-to-detail in all our facilities management work. Our mission is to keep the appearance, performance, and profitability of your facility at the highest level.

Getting Started

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