November 24, 2020
Floor mop being used on hardwood surface

Why cleanliness is important for your business

At the end of a long day, the last thing on your mind is your business’ cleanliness. This is why C4 is in business – to help you with this day to day issue. There is more to a clean business than simply looking good. In fact, there are several good reasons for keeping an
November 24, 2020
A woman in green scrubs wiping a painting enclosed in a frame

A healthy office is a clean office

Over the past decade or so, a focus on having a healthy office environment for employees has become a priority for most employers. Special acoustic roofing and wall materials were developed to deaden sound. Lighting has been developed that lessens the eyestrain
June 19, 2018
C4 Building Maintenance - Professional Cleaning

Why Should You Hire A Professional Cleaning Company?

First impressions matter the most. Business people know too well why it is essential to make an excellent first impression. Whenever you go to an important meeting, you make sure that your iron your shirt properly,