At the end of a long day, the last thing on your mind is your business’ cleanliness.  This is why C4 is in business – to help you with this day to day issue.

There is more to a clean business than simply looking good.  In fact, there are several good reasons for keeping an office looking as good as it possibly can.

  • Clean makes employees happy – Drab and boring can quickly make employees ineffective.  This translates into lost profits for the company or business.
  • C4 does not only clean, but sanitize – Employee sickness is unavoidable, but keeping an office sanitized and clean can certainly help keep from transmitting sickness from one to another.
  • Clean makes visitors and customers happy – Finding quality employees and customers come with a first impression.  An attractive work area is the first step.

C4 is fully licensed, insured and all employees go through a rigorous training regime before entering the workforce.  This means you will get the same standard of cleanliness no matter which team arrives for the day or night.  Being aware of quality over quantity – we take the time to do the job right for everyone, every time is our company goal.  It is not uncommon for some of our employees to spend extra time on a particular location just to be sure it is done and done right.

We are a full service cleaning company.  All of our supplies and materials are commercial grade and industry safe for the best results.  Contact us; let us show you how we can make a real difference for you.