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In the heart of Vancouver, C4 Building Maintenance is synonymous with quality and dedication. With over a decade of expertise, we ensure commercial and residential spaces are beyond clean—they’re impeccably maintained. Our tailored cleaning approach, grounded in a deep understanding of distinct space needs, has established us as a trusted building maintenance leader. As we grow, our commitment to enhancing space functionality and aesthetics remains steadfast, reflecting our legacy of excellence.
A floor polisher cleaning concrete area.

Premier Building Care and Cleaning Solutions in Vancouver

Our comprehensive approach ensures every corner of your property reflects our commitment to excellence. Discover the pivotal services that make us the leading choice in full-service building maintenance and professional cleaning services.

Primary Services

Primary Services

A wagon filled with cleaning equipment

Commercial Janitorial

Expert cleaning for a spotless, professional environment.

Peace of mind included: Reliable maintenance means fewer headaches.

Office Cleaning

Customized solutions for a productive, hygienic workspace.

Trash overflow? Our cleaning keeps your building looking sharp.

Floor & Carpet Cleaning

Advanced techniques for long-lasting cleanliness and shine.

An open parking lot filled with cars on a bright sunny day.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Detail-oriented care for safe, clean, and welcoming parking areas.

From carpets to cooling systems, we take care of your entire building.

Pressure Washing

High-power cleaning for immaculate exteriors and surfaces.

A room stuffed with storage boxes and other debris.

Junk Removal

Efficient clearing to revitalize your

A man gathers construction junk in a bare room.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Meticulous clean-up for a flawless finish.

A cleaner wearing yellow gloves vacuums a sofa.


Thorough and thoughtful cleaning for a comfortable home.

A heavy-duty carpet cleaner on top of a dusty carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

Deep clean techniques for fresh, vibrant carpets.

A broom, a spray, and a ladder in a unfurnished room.

Move In/Out Cleaning

Transition smoothly with comprehensive cleaning.

A cleaner uses a pressure washer to tidy pavement.

Pressure Washing

Enhance your home’s curb appeal and longevity.

A cleaner uses heavy-duty equipment to clean hardwood floor

Hardwood Floors

Specialized care for elegant and enduring floors.

A cleaner's hand wipes a window using soap and a wiper.

Window Cleaning

Streak-free shine for a brighter living space.

A male worker leaving a garage with a pile of plywood.

Junk Removal

Declutter with ease and efficiency.

Residential Services

Residential Services

Additional Services

Additional Services

A reliable team member meticulously cleaning the windows of a residential property.

Window and Wall Cleaning

Crystal-clear views and spotless

Got after party chaos? We got free hands to help! Connect with C4!

Special Event Clean-Up

Seamless restoration post-celebrations and events.

A reliable team member meticulously cleaning the windows of a residential property.

Window and Wall Cleaning

Crystal-clear views and spotless

Got after party chaos? We got free hands to help! Connect with C4!

Special Event Clean-Up

Seamless restoration post-celebrations and events.

Top Choice

for Cleaning and Maintenance among Elite Hotels, Residences, and Commercial Spaces

A decade of unwavering 24/7 support for countless industry-leading clients, embodying our commitment to be there for you—anytime, anywhere.

Why Us

Unmatched Professional Expertise

 Our deep understanding of diverse properties, including HOAs and strata buildings, sets our full-service building maintenance apart.

Tailored Solutions For Every Property

We recognize the unique needs of each property, offering customized cleaning and maintenance plans for specific requirements.

Dedication To Excellence

Our services reflect a commitment to excellence, consistently delivering exceptional, noticeable results.

Eco-Conscious Approach

Our use of eco-friendly methods and materials underscores our commitment to sustainability and future preservation.

Reliable And Trustworthy Service

We build trust through consistent respect and sincerity, ensuring reliable service.

Comprehensive Staff Training

Our dedication to professional development ensures top-tier service in every project.

Our Clients Speak For Our Exceptional Work

Excellence isn’t just our goal. It’s our standard. Don’t just take our word for it – our clients’ experiences speak volumes.
Jeremie Durand
Jeremie Durand
I’ve used C4 to clean my Airbnb, and they’re cleaners did an INCREDIBLE job. Their attention to detail was unbelievable. Highly recommend!
k parker
k parker
❤️ C4 ladies. They are thorough and polite. M&M go that extra mile - know what to do without asking.
Kayla Elderton
Kayla Elderton
Marjorie and Oksana were quick efficient and friendly! Highly recommend c4!
Fast and efficient with great service, the ladies from C4 building maintenance did a excellent job for my condo's deep cleaning, I would definitely recommend.
Jeffrey Shafran
Jeffrey Shafran
C4 have provided consistent and quality cleaning services for our office building
Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley
Brought in C4 to do a clean for an apartment showing. Safe to say their team blew me away with how fast and efficient they were leaving the Kitchen, bathroom and floors spotless.
Move Out cleaning masters. Moving with a toddler & a pet, it was a must for us to hire someone to complete our move out cleaning and we made the right choice hiring C4. Amazing job on those stubborn showers, the kitchen and even tackling the scuffs on the walls. Thanks team
Taps & Tacos
Taps & Tacos
C4 has done an amazing job on the window cleaning at our restaurant. Exceptional staff and customer service. We will continue to use their services in the future and we would highly recommend them
Patricia Santos
Patricia Santos
Clean, Trustworthy and Reliable. I have booked C4 Cleaning multiple times for monthly maintenance and move-out cleaning in a condo in downtown Vancouver — they are nothing but excellent on what they do. Special shout out to Marj from the team for being reliable, showing up on time and making sure that the place is spotless. Overall the company is highly recommended.

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    We Are Committed To
    A Greener Future

    Our approach to professional cleaning services goes beyond mere aesthetics, intertwining eco-responsibility with every task we undertake. From utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to adopting energy-efficient practices, our full-service building maintenance is a testament to our dedication to the planet. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

    Green Cleaning Solutions

    Employing biodegradable and non-toxic products for a safer environment.

    Energy Efficiency in Operations

    Using energy-saving equipment and methods in our commercial cleaning processes.

    Waste Reduction Initiatives

    Implementing practices to minimize waste production in all our maintenance services.

    Sustainable Resource Management

    Prioritizing renewable resources and materials in our building maintenance.

    Eco-Education For Employees

    Continuously training our team in eco-conscious practices and innovations in professional cleaning.

    Community Engagement

    Actively participating in local environmental initiatives to foster community-wide sustainability.

    Carbon Footprint Minimization

    Adopting strategies to reduce our overall carbon footprint in every project.

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